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Panchadashi Chapter 4 – Dvaita Vivekah (Swami Advayananda)


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Author: Swami Advayananda

Panchadashi, the famous composition of Shree Bharati Tirtha and Swami Vidyaranya, is a compendium of 15 Foundational Texts or prakarana-granthas. This epic text is a singular treatise on the philosophical teachings of Advaita-Vedanta, composed with an intention to dispel the ignorance of seekers by bringing to them an overall and complete grasp of the essentials of Vedanta. Truly any study of Advaita Vedanta is incomplete without a thorough study of Panchadashi.

Deriving its name from the number of chapters in. it, the Panchadashi is classified into three sections:

  1. The first five chapters termed Viveka-Panchakam, deal with Existence or Sat, the discrimination of the real
  2. The second five termed Dipa-Panchakam deal with Self as pure Consciousness or Cit
  3. The last five termed Ananda-Panchakam deals with the blissful nature of Brahman.

The five volumes of Panchadashi contain detailed lectures in English. Chapter one: the Tattvaviveka-prakarana, Chapter two: The Mahabhuta Vivekah, Chapter 3: Panchakosha Vivekah, Chapter four: Dvaita Vivekah and Chapter Five: Mahavakya Vivekah. A sincere study of these lectures will bring to the student immense clarity on the foundational principles of Advaita Vedanta

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