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Discourses on Shri Ramcharitamanasa (English)-2 volumes


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Author: Swami Tejomayananda

In his composition Srī Rāmacaritamānasa, Gosvāmi Tulasīdāsa declares that the Rāma kathā is most profound; many are the gems hidden in it. Just as a specialist is needed to discern the location of precious stones buried in the mountains, so also is it the case for the gems embedded in the Rāma kathā.

Swami Tejomayananda through his discourses manifests the self-effulgent jewel of bhakti in simple words soaked in devotion. In the process he sheds light on numerous facets of spiritual life. The crux of listening to or reading this story is to awaken and steadily deepen love for Srī Rāma.

This is what Swamiji emphasizes again and again. Devotion for Sri Rama enhances and embellishes knowledge. We believe that the prayer of all seekers will be for such love to take root in their heart: priya lāgahu mohi rāma.

This is a set of 2 hard bound volumes that comes in a thick jacket with the title embossed.

Each volume also comes with a special keepsake bookmark.

Contents of Volume 1: Balakanda – Ayodhyakanda 
Content of Volume 2: Aranyakanda – Uttarakanda

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