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This small book of 70 pages is a humongous contribution to understanding and establishing meaning for translation of Sanskrit verbs. The Mahabhashyam from the time of Patanjali to the Vakyapadiyam from the time of Bhartrahari and several other texts and commentaries have been used to help derive and validate meaning and overcome the problem of ambiguity of Sanskrit verbs. It will be invaluable to all who are involved in study of Sanskrit texts. At the same time, the English summary of the Sanskrit discussion makes this book valuable to a wider pool of scholars. Dr. V. R. Manoj is currently Deputy Director, Chinmaya International Foundation Shodha Sansthan. Formerly, the Head of the Sanskrit Department at IIT Kanpur, Dr. Manoj has worked extensively on Sanskrit grammar having written commentary on Akhyatachandrika and several contributions to online database of Sanskrit Research and to various Sanskrit Dictionaries.

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