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Chinmayam Krishna (ACD – Hindi Bhajans)


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Author: Chinmaya Mission West

Chinmayam Krishna is not just the name of the title track of this CD by Swami Siddhananda, It is a name for the inseparable duo of Shri Krishna and Swami Chinmayananda. Shri Krishna chose Swami Chinmayananda to be his exponent and dearest worker and Swami Chinmayananda in turn dedicated the greater part of his life to sharing Shri Krishna’s teachings with the world. He truly lived a life of love and service unto the Lord. It is with that spirit of pure love that Chinamayam Krishna has been brought out and that purity has been expressed through each and every one of the bhajans, be it on Ganesha, Devi, Shiva, Rama, Krishna or the Guru.

Swami Siddhananda is the acharya of Chinmaya Mission Philadelphia, as well as being in charge of Chinmaya Publications in USA. He has composed many bhajans and he has a number of popular devotional albums to his credit.

Music : Ranjith Govind

Singers : Swami Siddhananda, Ranjith Govind, Anand, Asha Ananda, Usha Suresh, Bhargavi, Priya, Indu Janardhanan, Praveen and Anup Kumar

Digitally Recorded by Biju and assisted by Vinod at Spectral Sound of Music, Chennai

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