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Upanishad Ganga – First Ever TV serial based on Upanishads


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Upanishad Ganga – Full Set of 12 DVDs (Hindi Show with English Subtitles)

First Ever TV serial based on Upanishads A unique and unprecedented concept of dramatizing subtle teaching of Upanishads A serial with deep research spanning over 2 years before filming. A valued souvenir which will be treasured for generations. Ideal reference material for individuals, research & educational institutions, spiritual organisations etc. Compilation of Sanskrit verses with Roman transliteration (in English) with simple English translations from each episode

The Vedic Culture is introduced in the initial episodes (1-4).

Then Cultural Values at the levels of the individual and the society are presented in the following 18 episodes (5-22).

After thus establishing the cultural basis and ethos, the entire Upanishadic Wisdom is then presented in the next 20 episodes (23-42).

The Practical Steps that could be taken to actualize this wisdom in one’s life are then elaborated in the next nine episodes (43-51).

The last episode is an Expression of Gratitude for this Wisdom which has made India proud, noble, and admired the world over.

[With English Subtitles]

Contains all episodes on 12 DVDs.

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