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The Light of Wisdom


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Author: Mananam Series

What is knowledge? What is wisdom? Can these words be used synonymously? In the spiritual traditions these words have a very deep meaning. The authors in this book help us appreciate the subtle differences between intellectual knowledge and true wisdom. Many examples are given of the lives of saints and sages who embody the divine qualities of true wisdom: joyful humility and unconditional love. Part 1: Knowledge – The Two Kinds of Knowledge, The Purpose of Knowledge, Krishnamurti and the Direct Perception of Truth, and Divine Inspiration. Part 2: The Journey – Service and Self-Knowledge, Steps to Realization, Four Steps to Wisdom, Unlearning, and Meditation and God-Realization. Part 3: People of Wisdom – The Self-Realized Person, My Master, My Guru: Shri Yukteswar, Bishrul Hafi: A Rare Soul, Ramana Maharshi, My Guru: Swami Chinmayananda, and Satsanga with Swamini Saradapriyananda. Total Pages 123.

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