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Tarangini Series (Set of 7) Children Books by Swami Chinmayananda


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Author: Swami Chinmayananda

The Tarangini series brings eternal human values alive through delightful tales.

Tarangini 1 – Meet the fly who forgot her own name, see the milkmaid walking on water and watch Gajendra’s struggle with the crocodile, marvel at Dhruva’s devotion and see rishi Durvasa’s plight!

Tarangini 2 – Enjoy Emperor Dileepa’s adventures, see Lord Krishna lost in the sweetness of devotion, meet the foolish King Panch Maha Pataka and marvel at his strange justice, see how kindness always pays and watch the clever servant turn the tables on his greedy master.

Tarangini 3 – Learn the secret of Rama Nama, laugh at the dishonest shop keeper’s dilemma, see the power of Markandeya’s devotion defeat death and marvel at the wish-fulfilling tree, watch the churning of the ocean and see Mohini’s enchanting dance as she saves the devatas and gives them amrita.

Tarangini 4 – Marvel at Hanumana’s devotion for the Lord, see how selfishness leads to a fall and pride is a bitter enemy, meet the wise minister as he saves his King’s life and watch the vanity of the Gods, enjoy the antics of the clever monkey and see if you can recognize him.

Tarangini 5 – See the Lord manifest through faith, understand the power of Satsang, learn the virtue of generosity from Maharaja Ranjit Singh and experience the miracle of Sant Tukarama’s prayer as witnessed by Chhatrapati Shivaji.

Tarangini 6 – Understand the simple wisdom of Vinayaka and Guru Nanak, develop a love as great as Namdeva’s love for Panduranga, learn from the large-heartedness and generosity of Ramanuja, admire the persistence with which Savitri won her husband back from the jaws of death.

Tarangini 7 – Keep cool and use every opportunity to advantage through wisdom and understanding, control anger by employing the wisdom of humility and compassion, let the true love of Tyagaraja pull strings of your heart, and with the power of blessings rise to be an ideal student.

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