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Smartaprayaschittam (Books – Sanskrit)


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This book is a compendium of the various prayascittas (expiatory rites) found in the many Smrti texts authored by svalayana, Kausitaka, Baudhayana, Badhulaka and Jaimini. The expiatory rituals related to the Apastambasutra are not mentioned in this text since the followers of Apastambasutra are scarce among the Kerala Nambutiri Brahmins. The style of the Smartaprayascittam is very lucid and clear. This is a critical edition and three Manuscripts have been used for preparing this text. The author Yogisvara, known popularly as Taikkaööu Yogiyar, shows has excellent mastery over the various branches of Sanskrit Knowledge such as grammar, logic, and Mimaàsa. This book is edited by Dr. K.V. Vasudevan, Reader, Sree Krishna College, Guruvayur, Kerala.

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