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Our Children, Our Future – The Chinmaya Way


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Author: Mananam Series

Our Children, Our Future – The Chinmaya Way is a tribute to Gurudev’s vision for today’s children and the generations still to emerge from the embryo of time.

Love is the key that unlocks hearts.

Gurudev presented this wondrous key to unlocking the world of learning interlaced with fun and laughter – this book offers a panoramic understanding of :

What is the vision of Bala Vihar?
Why did Gurudev emphasize ideals for children?
How is the knowledge imparted?
In what ways did Bala Vihar achieve its worldwide reach?
What is the impact and benefit of the Bala Vihar experience?

Seasoned sevaks, as well as newcomers to Bala Vihar, may find resonance in the sentiments of the authors, experiences, and reflections.

Acharyas of the Mission, Sevaks, parents, and children share their precious memories, and nuggets of wisdom – adding vitality, humour and depth to these pages.



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