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Nasadiya Suktam DVD (Swami Advayananda)


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Author: Swami Advayananda

Talks by Swami Advayananda

The Nāsadīya-Sūkta an extremely ancient Suktam found in the Ṛgveda. It is the 129th sūkta of the 10th maṇḍala of the Ṛgveda. In seven short mantras, it delves into the depths of creation arising out of pure Existence. It is a vision of what existed before creation, a time of no time, a place of no place, an intriguing something about which nothing definite can be said.

Before creation what was? It was neither existence nor non-existence; there was neither death nor immortality, for there was no duality whatsoever. There was only That One Presence, throbbing in all its splendour; there was nothing second to It: It alone was. Born from the deep mystical vision of the Ṛṣis, the Nāsadīya-sūkta is a profoundly enigmatic hymn that must leave the listener in awe of its vision and gratitude that we belong to this great tradition of questioning, understanding, and acceptance.

These are recordings of talks by Swami Advayananda at Chinmaya Mission Jaipur, India in 2018.

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