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Enchanting Krishna (Set of 4) (ACD – English Talks)


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Author: Swami Tejomayananda

Krishna: The very name evokes images of unspeakable beauty… of autumnal breezes and frangipani fragrances. Opulent sunset shades steeped in silent descending mystery. The stirring of a longing heart and the warmth of a bold embrace. Under a faultless ancient sky where roses bloom in place of stars.

Krishna: Friend, child, teacher, ruler, protector, husband, father, beloved of all. Graceful even in the throes of anger, lovelier still in the company of confidants.

Krishna: Contagious bubbling laughter. Irresistible innocent mischief. Jingle jangle the anklet bells swing like the delicate buds of jasmine, crowning tiny tender feet that blush as they scuttle the earth’s tresses.

Krishna: The Heart of Shiva Purveyor of the peacock feather. Lifeforce of the empty reed. Repository of wealth knowledge beauty strength and renunciation.

Krishna: You alone are the essence of enchantment.

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