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Drop – A Novel


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Author: Youth Wing of Chinmaya Mission

The common dilemmas faced by the Youth, the questions posed by them and the responses to those questions have been woven into a narrative that has shaped into a unique novel – “Drop.”

Meet the Characters from this Novel:

Andy: The rocking “tough” guy from the USA who’s trying to let go of a painful past.

Nitya: A breath of fresh air who puts a smile on everyone’s face. In zigzags of life, she’s trying to find direction.

Pragnya: An inquisitive and persistent journalist. The story is her goal and she won’t stop until she gets it.

Swaroop: The silent and conflicted seeker who constantly questions the mystery of life.

Yatri: The enigmatic photographer. You’ll think about what he said long after he said it; and you’ll think about what he didn’t say even longer.

Join the gang as they take a journey within. Follow them as their backpack full of questions and discover a treasure trove of answers on an adventure-filled road trip. Whether it’s having a jallebi-eating contest in Varanasi or white water rafting in Rishikesh, each place presents its own challenge, showing each of the characters what they need to drop in life in order to move forward.

The novel has been complimented with an Activity Book by the name “Drop – It’s Easy” provided for practical application of ideas that one learns through the story.

By the time you finish reading the novel while simultaneously going through the practical exercises from the activity book, you literally end up writing your own story. You know by then what do you have to DROP in order to EVOLVE.

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