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Prabhat Sudha & Tattvamala (MP3 Meditative hymns and mantras)


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1 MP3 CD. Set of 12 tracks. Duration approx.: 106mins

The hymns and mantras that are peppered in our scriptures are not just prayers of beseeching pleas and bleating requests. Ornamented with spiritual vibes, they are a means for us to reach God.

This collection of meditative hymns and mantras from the Upanishads, Vivekchudamani and other granthas chanted by Swami Brahmananda soothes the mind into a meditative state, to receive, to reflect and to experience the divinity within us.



1. Gurustutui

2. Shanti Mantra

3. Upanishad Mantras – 1

4. Vivekchudamani

5. Upanishad Mantras – 2

6. Geeta Shlokas

7. Atma Shatkam


8. Gurupaduka Pratah Stavanam

9. Upadesha Sara

10. Sat Darshanam

11. Sadhana Panchakam

12. Atmabodha

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