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Series 1

Messages – only sages can give messages, the rest of us write passages. Our Pujya Gurudev, Swami Chinmayananda ji used to give a dozen, specific messages that would last for a year. His 1984 messages are compiled in the form of a booklet as Yagna Prasad.

Series 2 

What made Pujya Gurudev sit up and push his pen even when he was advised to complete bed rest? A gush of love that flooded his being over-flowed as “Yearly Messages” to his devotees and disciples alike. May 8th 1998.


Series 3

The Present is a crucible in which the past is smelted and the present is recast into a more covetable and beautiful mould. Those who strive thus, to recast the present into a more beautiful future, to such men alone the fresh year is truly a “new year”. To all others, year is a mind-boggling, routine set for another 365 days, with nothing to look forward to, except the unmitigated boredom of day to day living. Dynamic members of the Chinmaya Mission must make 1986 as a creative new year and I wish all such people a happy successful New Year


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